ajp moves to nyc… here we go!


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moving day…

what. a. day.

today has been one of those days where i think about things i did this morning and feel like they were a month ago… one of those days where i feel like i woke up as a resident of one state and will go to sleep a resident of another (though… actually… for only the third time in my life, that last part is actually true).  so, greetings from new york city!

all things considered, the trip was a relatively smooth one:IMG_2054
-got a ride to the airport for myself and the entirety of my belongings (that’s four suitcases and two carry-ons)… thanks, kari!
-bumped into my friend matthew on my flight, who saved me a seat, shared his magazines and helped me lug items from the baggage carousel to the pick-up zone… thanks, matthew!
-rode into the city with my friend adam and his SUV… thanks, adam!

IMG_2062speaking of adam, he is a good friend from college and will be my roommate for the next week.  he has generously offered the sofa of the apartment he shares with his girlfriend (christine) and new pup (rigby), and that sofa will be my bed until i locate and move into a place of my own.  i’m shooting for a november 1st move-in date, and i’m sure that – despite their generosity – adam and christine would be just as happy for me to move out sooner than later.  rigby, however, will miss me terribly as we’ve grown quite close during our time together.

the four of us spent the rainy early afternoon wandering the streets of tribeca, soho and the east village, stopping for a bite at ‘la esquina’ (dirt cheap, delicious mexican) and eventually making our way to an apartment i needed to see: it was an amazing location in the east village (2nd avenue and 9th street), though it was tiny and cramped in the way only new york apartments can be.  it was also populated by a way-too-large, hideous beige leather sectional that partially blocked the door to the bathroom.  is this how ajp wants to live in the city?  we’ll see…

we spent the rest of the afternoon in hoboken, meeting my friends’ dan and lauren’s week-old daughter, lillian, and watching the university of michigan get destroyed by penn state.  lillian was adorable; the game, not so much.

so that’s the bulk of day one.  not sure i’m a new yorker yet, but there are plenty more adventures to come.



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jigsaw falling into place…

Photo 8so, it’s been a few days… and what a hectic jumble of days they have been (i’ve spent a lot of time looking like this picture): the past week has been a veritable blur of editing, purging and donating belongings, all of which has left me with a much diminished cluster of possessions that will go into storage today.  it’s mostly housewares: a few gadgets, pots and pans, a nice shower curtain and a sofa that i just can’t part with.  the big truck comes at 2 p.m. and i’ll likely be bidding these items goodbye for a good long while…

so what’s left?  one bag of sweaters, t-shirts, underwear and socks, another of pants, another of linens and one that – as of now – is just for shoes.  that leaves my hanging clothing, the square peg that is still looking for a round hole to fit into on the journey to nyc.  i’ll figure it out.

otherwise, though, things are falling gently into place: my craigslist posting for my apartment yielded a renter – a friend, in fact – that was approved yesterday.  this is a gigantic weight off my shoulders and a very exciting development.  on the flip side, i have a promising lead on a place in new york – a nice place, a decent area and a very good price – so i’m keeping fingers crossed that it works out.  please do the same.

two full days left in chicago.  and here we go!

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the storage hypocrite

for years, i’ve been unabashedly mocking public storage facilities.  what is this american compulsion to store stuff we don’t need?  why don’t people just chuck their excess possessions and move on to bigger and better things, rather than hoarding everything they’ve ever owned in case they might need it down the line?

IMG_2051see that photo on the left?  that’s me becoming a hypocrite as i sign the lease on a 4.5’x8′ storage space at storage1, a facility located about a mile from my current apartment.  in truth, i’d like nothing more than to have all my material trappings with me in the biIMG_2053g apple, but given the quick pace of this relocation, it just doesn’t make sense.  finding a place to live in new york could pose something of a challenge, and taking a bare minimum of essentials with me (really bare… i’m aiming for clothes, shoes and toiletries) will allow me to crash in a rental bedroom rather than needing to find my own apartment from the get-go.  i’ll marinate in a spare room in someone else’s abode until things stabilize, and then come back and fetch my furniture from the jaws of the storage monster and establish a residence of my own.

but in the meantime… what a facility she is!  she’s a beauty, eh?

special thanks to my pal tim dunphy for the lift up to storage1, and for watching me pack.

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and… here we go!


wow, what a whirlwind… the past two days have been among the most exciting and mind-fucking of my 30 years.  i know blogs are *so* 2002, but i thought this was the easiest way to get out the news, explain what’s going on and keep all my peeps up to date.

the very abbreviated story goes like this:

following the sad ending of my summer internship at chicago design firm gravitytank last friday, i decided to get the eff out of chicago for a few days.  i headed to nyc, my favorite of favorite cities, to do a bit of networking, introduce myself around town a bit and see if i could get my foot in the door at some of the industrial design firms there.  long story short: i did.  i was offered an internship at a great design firm called ecco (http://www.eccoid.com) and was asked to start on 10/26.  and… here we go!

i came back to chicago wednesday evening, and realized that i had just over a week to pack up everything i own, put it in storage, sublet my apartment, find a place to live in new york and get out of town in time to start working.  it’s very *not me* to do something so cavalier, but i confess that it feels kind of great… who knows where this could go?  i’ve wanted to move to new york for about a decade and am excited that i’ll finally have the chance.

unfortunately, due to the tight timing i’m not going to get to see 90% of the people i’d love to see before i leave town… and for that i am truly sorry.  chicago has been great to me over the past eight years and this has not been, in any way, an easy decision.  i know my good friendships will endure a few hundred miles of separation, though… and besides, it’s a great excuse to visit me in the city.  so come one, come all!

and now i’m going to pack.  but i think i’ll use this as a sort of journal for my experience as i move to the big apple.  so stay tuned.



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