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is this thing on?

hello there, friends.  yeah, it’s been a while… i last updated this beast shortly after all hell broke loose with my batshit nutty former roommate (we knew her as GIRL)… you know, the one who stole half my belongings and lied about her mother dying and sent e-mails posing as her imaginary-but-real sister.  i know many of you are probably wondering what happened with that particular situation, and i’ll sum it up with the following three sentences:

the nypd took their sweet-ass time doing, well, anything regarding this situation, and – during their three months of inactivity – lil’ miss GIRL tucked her pointed tail between her ample red thighs and hightailed it back to canada, where she is currently hiding out and reportedly unable to re-enter the US of A.  there are currently two warrants out for her arrest (ours and one other whose origins we do not know), so we feel confident that she’ll end up behind bars at some point down the line.  and when that day comes, you can guarantee that her mug-shot will wind its way onto my forehead as a giant, glorious and widely celebrated tattoo.

phtooey (i spit on her).

on the flip side, the good news is that it’s been vastly improved nyc for ol’ ajp since then… lots of good stuff to report, and i figured it was time to kickstart this rusty ol’ blog into activity once again.  let’s take it step by step:

job: since i last posted, i started a new side-job (at equinox fitness, where i was a front desk greeter-person at the broadway and 19th street location… free membership + spending money = bliss for a broke, body-conscious design intern), succeeded heartily at my interminable and ungratifying design internship, and then tossed both jobs by the wayside for a new gig in real estate marketing that started in early may.  it’s a position that actually takes advantage of my entire background (marketing… check;  PR… check;  design… check;  event planning… check), and – just as importantly – allows me to live in nyc as a normal human being that does not work 80 hours a week at two jobs just to live hand-to-mouth.  so to say that the situation is improved is an understatement of herculean proportions.

good this.

friends: i have some!  some of them are new, and many used to live in chicago and have arrived, one by one, over the past few months.

good this, too.

other: so much to do here, and i feel that i’ve done a fair amount of interesting things over the past nine months… some good, some bad, all interesting and all contributing to a persistent inability to get sick of living here.  just a sampling: walked across the brooklyn and williamsburg bridges; rode the cyclone at coney island; walked the high line about 10,000 times; ate dinner next to bradley cooper (gay) and renee zellweger (scary); attended a yankees game in the rain; sunned myself on a rock in central park; taken chelsea clinton’s dog for a walk (it is roughly 1/8 the size of a very small dog); attended parties in million-dollar lofts; looked at trash-heaped apartments down terrifying back alleys; seen concerts at tiny dives, remodeled dance clubs, the brooklyn academy of music and at madison square garden; saw someone vomiting on the subway; saw someone pooping on the subway platform; saw a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat and a dove out of his sleeve on the L train, and applauded wildly; took the train and ferry to fire island; visited MoMA (tim burton exhibit!), the bronx museum of art (exhibit on the photography of the civil rights movement), the brooklyn museum (“who shot rock’n’roll”) and the brooklyn botanic garden (cherry blossom festival, oddly devoid of cherry blossoms); bartended at fancy parties to make extra money; met great people and terrible people; bumped into a friend i hadn’t seen in 9 years – and then bumped into her again in a different part of town the next day; savored the best manhattan of my life at death & co.; found a new favorite dessert (hello, chocolate chip cornflake marshmallow cookie from momofuku milk bar); dated a few people that are worth mentioning, and a few that are not; welcomed some very good friends to visit; been startled by the juxtaposition of rich and poor in this town; succumbed to attacks by mother nature (bird poop on the upper west side, and a flying tree branch on a windy day in washington square park); walked literally hundreds of miles; experienced poverty so limiting that i was unable to afford to take the subway (that, my friends, is desperation); missed things about chicago, and not others (i’m looking at you, winter); saw no less than 1,000 rats, one of whom ran across my foot; ate more than my fair share of late-night pizza slices.

this list could go on.  instead i will just add “gone to bed” and sign off.  it’s good to be back.


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  1. kari says:

    one thing you have not done? “dinner and brown liquor with Kari”. Okay, so we had that one dinner with Ben and Mike, so let me rephrase: “dinner and brown liquor with Kari, Part Deux, possibly in Queens, a borough ajp’s list did not mention”.

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