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so, those of you that do not live in nyc may not realize that closet space is to new yorkers as “generous lottery winnings” are to the rest of the known universe: it is the holy grail, that the thing after which we all lust and the thing of which we can never seem to get enough.  i’ve seen apartments in this town with no closets at all, and even one where the width of the closet door was roughly the width of the doorknob (i’ve never seen a door so slender… it was absurd.  there was maybe room for three shirts).

and among the many great things about my new condo are a very limited number of not-as-wonderful things, one of which is fairly limited closet space.  to put it simply, i have two of them: one in the bedroom, one in the living room/entry hall, and – because i gravitate toward a generally minimal aesthetic that doesn’t tend to include armoires and unnecessary dressers – it is here that i plan to ultimately store the vast majority of my belongings.

the closets, when delivered to me, will look like this:

once i am through with them, however, i am hoping they look more like this (minus the women’s clothing and high heels):

and they will, for one reason and one reason only: because i am planning to elfa the shit out of them.

elfa is the container store‘s proprietary closet organizing system, and the brackets and rails that make up the basis for the system come pre-installed into my apartment’s closets.  with that i mind, i journeyed to the container store twice in the last week to begin designing the closets of my dreams.

and honestly, i have to first hand it to the container store, who have reigned in an impressive ability to feel that your life would be immeasurably better if you simply shopped there more frequently, and had a more stylish laundry hamper and more organized craft drawer (hell, i don’t even have a craft drawer, but i want to have one now just so that it can be organized as nicely as possible).  these people are geniuses…

with that in mind, i met with my faithful closet consultant, lulu (her actual name), to pimp my closets to the highest degree possible.  i managed to avoid any fancy finishes (i don’t care if my closet looks like it’s made out of wood when you open the doors… it’s a closet) and aimed for maximum utility, selecting drawers, shelves and hanging rods in a relatively innovative layout that should be able to contain the vast majority of my stuff.  i whipped out my credit card…

and then i saw the prices.

(jaw drops)

ho. ly. crap. this. shit. is. ex. pen. sive.

but how can i NOT do it?  after all, did you see how amazing my life will be if i simply have perfectly organized closets?  of course i’m going to buy the components… i drank the kool-aid.  happiness awaits.

i should have my elfa components in-hand by the time i return from vacation next week, so i’ll keep you updated as i install them, begin to store my belongings and reach an inner peace heretofore unknown to modern man.

but in the meantime… i hate you, container store.  and i love you.


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2 Responses

  1. Aaron Bailey says:

    We’ve been elfa’ing the new house slowly as we can afford it. Big secret: Container Store is about to have a 20% off elfa sale. My elfa designer (I call her my crack dealer) tells me sometime in August. You might want to hold off.

  2. Dirk Donnel says:

    I second that. They do the sale once a year — end of summer.


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