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the man in me…

so, i promised myself that i would make no unusual or unnecessary purchases now that i’m officially entering the paying-off-credit-card-bills-and-saving-and-saving-and-saving-for-a-down-payment phase of my existence… but, well, then i met someone.

and he’s just my type:  short.  cute.  strong and silent.  and seemingly into nature…  or actually, made of nature.

meet barkman, a creation of my new friends mike and debbie schramer, amazing artists from utah who recently showed their unfathomably large, diverse and impressive collection of handmade storybook creations in a gallery show at my new condo building.  when i first laid eyes on barkman, i thought he looked like he could be a member of my family (albeit one that is 7″ tall… which is not actually that different than some people in my family).  and then, as i looked more closely, i realized that he was in fact my shorter, quieter, bark-clad twin in miniature.  and how could i not bring him home?  all i need is a long-sought bark cloak and we’d be nyc’s hottest ventriloquistic duo.

what do you think?  twins?


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