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down is the new up…

in the general vocabulary of high-rise living, it seems almost universal that “up” is better than “down.”  there is a pervasive mystique about living high off the ground, about resting your head as far from the earth as possible, and in striving for nothing as fervently as the opportunity to gaze out your windows onto a beautiful view.  and perhaps there is something (else) wrong with me or something (else) that makes me different from the rest of mankind, but i simply do not share the rest of the world’s enthusiasm for stretching as far skyward as i can.

the fact of the matter is that i like the ground.  i like earth.  i like people and nature and streets and even a bit of noise.  and sure… i like a nice view as much as the next person, but i’d also prefer to walk up a stairway than to take an elevator.  so with that in mind, i hereby announce that i have abandoned by plans to buy unit 4B at be@schermerhorn

…in favor of unit 3B.

yup, i’m moving down… and i’m doing it on purpose.  3B was actually my preferred unit from the get-go, but another buyer snatched it from my paws just a few hours before I submitted my offer.  luckily, after a few months of hemming and hawing, those buyers backed out on their deal late last weekend, thereby placing my preferred unit gently within my reach.  and i pounced.

why do i prefer unit 3B?  let’s see if you can look at the below photos and see for yourself.  here is the view from the living room of unit 4B:

view from 4B

and here is the view from the living room of unit 3B:

view from 3B

you see that?  TREES!  the drop down just one floor puts my windows directly in line with the tops of the young birch trees that line the building’s courtyard, and i’m thrilled at the opportunity to enjoy tree-top views when i wake up every morning and every evening when i come home.

throw in the fact that this unit is a few grand cheaper than the other one i was going to buy, and it’s a decision that seems to make itself.  for me, at least…


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2 Responses

  1. emily d says:

    As Fred Durhst would say, I’m in total agreeance. Where is your place- what neighborhood?

  2. misterajp says:

    moving to brooklyn – the edge of downtown brooklyn and boerum hill

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