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come and play with us, andrew… for ever, and ever, and ever

so it’s been a few crazy, crazy, crazy weeks since i’ve posted… a month or so of impossible work schedules paired with the incomparable misery of moving.  there’s just something about the complete displacement of home, of routine and of… well, everything… that makes the process of inhabiting a new space one of the worst on earth.  my thesis was bullshit.  feh.

but alas, i have moved.  the new place is coming along nicely and i’ll have pictures just as soon as it’s presentable. but in the meantime… well, i’m kinda lonely.  and it’s not because i’m single (wah-waaah) or far from my family, or because i live in the loneliest city on earth.  it has more to do with the fact that i’m the only person that lives in my building.

yes, you read that correctly: i am the only person that lives in my 246-unit condominium building.

the distinctive arrangement that’s allowing me to buy a place here in the first place also granted me the right to move in prior to actually closing on my new home, and well… the rest of the closings haven’t really started yet.  they’ll be kicking up by the end of the month, but – in the meantime – it’s just me, the trees outside my window and the evening security guards (who speak english on a sliding scale that goes from “little” to a “a little more”).

in truth, it’s not so bad… i’ve been so thoroughly exhausted by the end of the every day that i usually collapse without considering the lack of neighborly love flowing my way.  i’ve not gallivanted naked around the vacant hallways or engaged in illicit activities in empty apartments (missed opportunities?), but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t occasionally worry about turning a corner and seeing these gals:


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