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confessions of a hurricane virgin

so it has been *quite* a while since i last updated this thing, but the apocalypse is now all-but-confirmed to be hurtling toward new york city at a rapid clip and i don’t want my last blog post ever to be about kourtney kardashian.  just sayin.

so, yeah.  hurricane irene.  shit is getting real, the city is going crazy (and, based on my commute this morning, emptying out efficiently) and folks are anticipating the worst.  the forecasts now say she’ll be hitting the eastern edge of queens as a category 1 hurricane sometime on saturday, which sounds mild if you’re from florida but somewhat more intimidating if you live in an antiquated metropolis that was not designed to accommodate sustained winds and heavy volumes of water.  parts of coastal NJ are under “voluntary evacuation” (translation: we’re not going to make you leave, but you’d better effing leave); a mandatory evacuation of fire island has transformed it into a boa-strewn, glittery ghost town; and my plans to head out to the very very tip of long island for a few days of relaxation over the weekend have been wisely suspended.

as for the city, itself, they’re saying that the effects could fall decidedly on the “gnarly” end of the scientifically calibrated gnarly-to-awesome spectrum, depending on how angry irene is when she gets to town (i hope she got book of mormon tickets).  i’ve heard predictions that include the following:
– mandatory evacuations for certain, low-lying parts of the five boroughs
– storm surges that could flood lower manhattan in its entirety
– a two-day full subway shut-down to ensure passenger safety (one prediction even says a flooded subway system)

and how about me?

well, this native midwesterner doesn’t really know what to make of all this.  i’m used to being scared of tornadoes, but this is altogether different and well beyond my realm of experience.  i mean, we had one hurricane watch last summer, and it ended up being one of the most crystalline, beautiful days i can remember during my almost-two-years in this city.  i’m not foolish enough to expect the same this time around.

i do know this: my residence in brooklyn is not in a flood zone, according to city maps, so the current plan is for a full weekend of gasping as torrents of water lash my windows, and huddling under blankets while unprecedented winds make ghost noises in the courtyard.  i’ve got a few gallons of water at the ready, some non-perishable snacks, hand-cranked flashlights, three fully charged laptops and a handful of DVDs.  if there’s something else i need to do, i have no idea what it is.

confession: though i may live to regret these words, i’m sort of looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.  i undeniably enjoyed last winter’s post-christmas blizzard, and watched with rapt eyes as very, very tiny white flakes brought a city of 8 million to its (16 million) knees for a full day and a half.  it was a totally different new york during that time, one that was quieter and messier and a bit more chaotic but also sort of beautiful, cooperative and intriguing.

but i don’t think this will be as tranquil.  for now, i’m predicting the following:
– power goes out quickly and stays out until monday afternoon
– more water than i’ve ever seen comes from the sky
– winds that sound scary do lots of damage to old buildings
– my boyfriend’s restaurant closes so that he doesn’t have to go to work on sunday night (that’s a hope as much as a preduction)
– no cell phones for a day or so
– no internet for a day or so
– no subways for a few days
– very messy monday, and no one goes to work (see subway closures)
– my trip to atlanta on tuesday cancelled

sadly, my twitter requests to yo la tengo to perform an intimate acoustic show in my apartment this weekend do not appear to be bearing fruit.  so i guess all i can do is hang on tight and hope for the best, at least until we can all say this.


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